Case Study


Jimmy Dean Case Study

March 2017



The Challenge

Collaborate with Tyson (the client), Tyson IT (Development) and Ogilvy (Agency of Record) to enhance the Jimmy Dean website to better showcase key products, recipes, relevant moments and future campaigns.


The Solution


Create a responsive—device optimized—website with the flexibility to house a collection of products, recipes and go to market campaigns. Develop a detailed style guide to include global UX elements, grid architecture, color pallet and typography. Provide photography enhancement to better align with the Jimmy Dean brand.    


Website Analytics

Users primarily browse for products, recipes and coupons, but gravitate toward recipes for larger eating and entertaining occasions. Mobile devices far exceed traffic over desktop and tablet with high peaks in the morning and evening. Website traffic swells during mid-week and tapers late-week and into the weekend.



Time of Day

Day of Week


Project Alignment


  • Improve SEO by utilizing trending tags to highlight seasonal and topical recipes
  • Dedicate space on website for new products and recipes 
  • Embed video content within the website
  • Create flexible components to seamlessly integrate evergreen campaigns
  • Utilize and optimize Bazaar Voice experience 



Create an experience that is consistent and flexible between devices. 


Utilize scalable design elements so the website can change with the brand's needs.


Optimize content to minimize weight and preserve loading times.


The Process

Utilizing an agile workflow our team was able to divide the project into two week sprints for a total of four sprints. UX development was generally a week ahead of design, but a lot of crossover was necessary to hit our target deadline. Our team was ahead of schedule for most of the project which allowed for more time and flexibility to develop a detailed style guide. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 7.23.01 PM.png

Website Mood Board

Inspiration was drawn from a variety of examples that showcase a strong catalog of imagery with a flexible and responsive format. 


UX Collaboration

The design and UX teams constantly collaborated in a effort to combine the best look and feel with a powerful and intuitive user experience.  




Mobile Grid 320 px

Tablet Grid 768 px

Grid 768.jpg

Desktop Grid 1024 px

Grid 1024.jpg

Desktop Style Guide


Mobile Style Guide


Final Design

The final design illustrates a modern and fresh look that reinforces the distinctive brand voice for Jimmy Dean. It is also fully responsive, flexible, easy to navigate, and accommodating to any future content.


Recipe Mood Board

In addition to building the website I have been asked to develop a photography guide, mood board and oversee any photo shoots specific to the website. Starting with recipe imagery we have photo shoots planned to take place in the next few weeks. 



Although the website is still in development we are eager to measure its growth by evaluating organic search traffic, page views, product locator usage, recipe engagement and the number of user ratings and reviews.