A time travel booking agency for the 22nd century.


International tourism in the last few years has become a trillion dollar enterprise with approximately 980 million tourists traveling in the last year. With rising costs of air travel combined with the hassle of flying across the country consumers are looking for a new ways to spend their vacation. Kronos offers an alternative solution to the vacation needs of today’s modern traveler with comprehensive time traveling packages that are very flexible and unique to each and every customer. Kronos is looking for a new brand identity that communicates the possibilities of time travel in a safe and professional environment.

Target Audience

Kronos caters to a large and diverse group of individuals ranging from 18 – 65 year of age. For liability reasons they cannot condone time travel as an acceptable form of transportation for kids under the age of 18. Their primary consumers are multicultural and international travelers between the ages of 25 – 45.




Elegant branding for an elegant time travel company.