Museum of Science+Industry

The Next Giant Leap:

For those who grew up in the 1960s, space exploration was a final frontier, and getting a man on the moon was a point of strong national pride. For today’s generation, the final frontier may prove to be robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. By evoking the strong emotional connection many have to Neil Armstrong’s first step, we can argue there is still much to hope for, many things to be inspired by, in the world of science -- come to this exhibit and see for yourself.

Programing Dreams:

Robots are highly advanced tools, but they have an inherent quality of imagination, magic, and possibilities for the future. Robot Revolution showcases current robotics in a creative, interactive setting—the perfect environment to inspire tomorrow’s engineers to build the robot-fueled future of their dreams.


Concept 1: The Next Giant Leap 


Concept 2: Programing Dreams